"Soy el mejor para bien de los demás"

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De cualquier palizá sale un lobo Quien sabe leer puede aprender El niño es como el limón entre más se exprime más jugo da Educo con el Corazón y exijo con la Razón Quien obedece nunca se equivoca El tiempo es oro y quien lo pierde, pierde un tesoro Los grandes hombres no nacen, se hacen El trabajo bien hecho es una oración a Dios Cuando el alumno falla no hay maestro
Gimnasio Vallegrande
Welcome to the Spelling Bee!
This set of activities found them at the pdf files of Spelling Bee from the British council. The spelling bee has had a big importance at Gimnasio Vallegrande because of many schools participations in the last years, sharing and join is our main goal taking into account the philosophy

I am the best for good of others

What can you do to participate in the spelling bee?
Firstly contact the spelling bee instructor: on the phone 3107098351 Contestants -- that's you! -- in grades 5th until 11th will find some pdf files classified by categories: kids - pre-teens and teens: a smart board will be used in the competition where an instructor will be explaining you the steps to choose the words, one at a time in Vallegrande school you are participating so you have to click a number on the smart board and listen to the word, then spell word you listen to. Be careful at the moment of spelling the word because you have one chance

If you get stumped, so you have to keep going with the next word. If doesn`t matter the grade you are, the judges can`t repeat the word , they can`t provide you any example

Review the words, watch the words in your downloaded from our web page according to your category. Make sure to check your SPELLING carefully, because those words will be the same at the contest on October 5th - 2018

Depending on the speed of your concentration your result at the end.

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